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Part Number 115-4032

Baker boot point suitable for the Agrowdrill 325 and 425 tyne models, as well as Duncan and Aitchison model seed drills. 

The popular baker boot produces an inverted 'T' groove in the soil, creating an ideal micro-climate for seed germination into which the seed is placed. The baker boot provides excellent seed-to-soil contact, minimal soil disturbance, accurate seed placement, and maintenance of soil structure, all of which contribute to improved seed germination and plant establishment. 

The baker boot is available in a plain casting, with additional hardfacing, or fully-fabricated from BIS 400 steel with tungsten tile and hardfacing on the leading edges for exceptional wear protection. 

The baker boots are made in Australia and come with bolts to attach to your Agrowdrill tyne. Additional bolt options are also available for Duncan and Aitchison seed drills. 

Alternate Part Numbers
115-432, 115-4011, 115-4031: HD fabricated with hardfacing
114-451, 114-4250: HD hardfaced
115-380, 115-3080: Plain casting

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